Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook shooting is a modern day false flag where the stage was a children’s school in Newtown Connecticut.  There is more evidence that this was a staged event than an actual shooting where a teenager with no gun experience supposedly kills 26 children and teachers.  The automatic weapon is found in the trunk of the car.  The good news is that this horrible story that was reported of murdered children is no true and no children actually died that day.

What is most astounding that we see from this event is the crisis acting.  Robby Parker and co would not pass a college level drama class.  There is never a tear shed from any parent.  Robby and wife smile at each other when talking about their child’s death.   This shows us just how they use prepackaged media for staged events.

The crisis actors were quite obvious – These are supposed to be parents of the deceased children:


Then they show us the Sandy Hook Children at the Super Bowl – they look familiar:


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