The 9/11 attacks have got to the biggest conspiracy theory of our time.  I remember watching the building fall on TV and wonder how a steel skyscraper can completely collapse upon itself.  Planes weren’t used, Bombs were used. There is no scientist in the world that can actually say that two Boeing 747 commercial airliners made out of aluminum can take down the world trade centers that are made out of solid steel.   Building #7 is a 40+ story steel skyscraper also collapsed that day, supposedly from fires, but when you watch the video of the collapse it is a clear controlled demolition.  To set a controlled demolition of a building that size takes a minimum of 2 weeks preparation time.  George Bush knew about the plan and has been caught on tape discussing the conspiracy theory and bombs in the building.

On 5/20/1998 the US Treasury unveiled the new $20 Bill Design – When folded it shows the twin towers burning:


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